RPIC SPONSOR – Sharon Shulby


This is just a gorgeous photograph.  Thank you so much to my dear friend, Sharon, for the support you have offered RPIC.  Sharon always identifies a need and jumps in with both feet.  Sharon and her son Joey,  show their Magnadolz Ragdolls in the SW Region so I get to see them at the SW shows.  We recently shared a table at the SW Regional and our table had a wonderful time.  Thank you for all you do, Sharon.

RPIC SPONSORS – Crystal Roberts


A big thank you to Crystal Roberts of Horizondolls for your contribution to the RPIC Congress being held in conjunction with the TICA Annual.  Crystal is another one of our Canadian friends who keeps herself busy with 4 young children and with breeding Ragdolls in a completely cage-free environment.  Very impressive.  Welcome Crystal – we are so happy to have you as one of our newer Ragdoll Breeders and we appreciate your support.



Thank you so much, Jill, for supporting the Ragdoll Congress.  Jill shows alters.  The cat and kitten exhibitors are so grateful that judges, and the public, get to see what a Ragdoll looks like when it is mature.  We all know that Ragdolls are slow to mature and when we are holding a scrawny kitten with kitten coat and big ears, saying he will grow into them, it is good that there are some stunning examples of Ragdolls that did just that.  Of course, Jill’s cats are perfectly groomed and sweet as can be, perfectly fitting the description of big, floppy cats.  Thanks , Jill.

RPIC SPONSOR – Karen Hoppe


Thank you to Karen Hoppe of Rose Cottage Ragdolls for sponsoring RPIC with a banner of your adorable cat!  Karen and I have never met but I have met her cats – LOL – This is how it is with breeders.  Someone gets a new cat and everyone rushes to see it!  Karen has some lovely breeders placed with a couple of West Coast Breeders and, of course, her cats are lovely.  Karen is located northeast of Detroit and has been breeding since 2000.  Thanks Karen, your support is appreciated.

RPIC SPONSORS – Jane Balter.


Thank you Jane and Rock Creek Ranch Ragdolls for support RPIC and the TICA Annual.  I first met Jane when I just starting showing which was many moons ago.  Jane always has beautiful cats.  It doesn’t matter when you ask, she always seems to have a dynamite kitten behind door number one.  Thank you so much for your support, Jane.