Thank You

Thank you to all of you who contributed to the RPIC at the TICA 40th Annual Cat Show in Las Vegas.  Your contributions are greatly appreciated.  Also, thank you to all of you who offered your assistance when Carol, who was going to do the Grooming Seminar and the Awards and Hosting the meetings, was called home as her daughter was having a beautiful new baby girl (who did not care one bit that she was coming 2 weeks early during the TICA Annual – LOL).  Babies have a way of having their own schedule.  Congratulations Carol and Stuart and to your daughter and her family!  Again, Thank you to those who stepped up and helped out.  I was obviously running like crazy, not knowing where things were or who was assigned to doing what – crazy.  Most of you were so kind and gracious and understanding.  I love the way most of the Ragdoll people genuine care about each other and wish the best for all Ragdoll people.  It really was so kind of those of you who stepped up and helped.

I am signing off and will be taking down the website in a few days.




All of the Rosettes for the RAGDOLL PARTY INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS were sponsored by the sponsors listed below.  Thank you all so much.  Because of the generosity of this group as well as the other sponsors, we have been able to keep the entry for the Congress at $30/cat and all 10 places (hoping we get enough kittens, champions and alters to be able to final 10 places) will be getting the beautiful Rosettes sponsored by this group.  They volunteered, they made the rosettes, and they are delivering them to the show hall!  Best group ever – you all rock!

Mirumkitty Ragdolls

For Emma, Sophie and Hemingway

Rakhshanda Ragdolls

Paramountcy Dolls Ragdolls

UnitedPaws Ragdolls (Jia Yu)

ShiningDolls Ragdolls

Methodius Ragdolls

SiempreAmar Ragdolls

DollsParadise Ragdolls

DiamondDolls Ragdolls

I look forward to seeing those of you that will be there and to those of you that can not make it this year, we love you and appreciate your gift (and we will try to take some pictures).



Thank you Xian for supporting the RPIC and the TICA Annual.  Xian has taken showing and breeding Ragdolls very seriously.  Although he has only been showing and breeding for a few years, he has asked Ragdoll people to help him better understand the standard.  He sponsored a breeder going to China to teach everyone about grooming a Ragdoll.  His hard work has paid off and he is now producing gorgeous cats from his own cattery.  I know that he has been helpful to new breeders starting out in China.  We all know how difficult it can be to get started but Xian put in the hard work.  Congratulations, Xian, on your beautiful cats and thank you for supporting all Ragdolls by contributing to the Congress and Annual.

RPIC SPONSOR – Sharon Shulby


Thank you, Thank you, Sharon for you support and for sharing the pictures of your beautiful Raggies with us.  This is clearly a glamour shot showing off that beautiful Ragdoll profile.  The Congress and the Annual will be a lot of fun and I am so happy you will be there to share it with all the other Ragdoll people from all over the world (and with me).  I look forward to seeing you and Joey.