All of the Rosettes for the RAGDOLL PARTY INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS were sponsored by the sponsors listed below.  Thank you all so much.  Because of the generosity of this group as well as the other sponsors, we have been able to keep the entry for the Congress at $30/cat and all 10 places (hoping we get enough kittens, champions and alters to be able to final 10 places) will be getting the beautiful Rosettes sponsored by this group.  They volunteered, they made the rosettes, and they are delivering them to the show hall!  Best group ever – you all rock!

Mirumkitty Ragdolls

For Emma, Sophie and Hemingway

Rakhshanda Ragdolls

Paramountcy Dolls Ragdolls

UnitedPaws Ragdolls (Jia Yu)

ShiningDolls Ragdolls

Methodius Ragdolls

SiempreAmar Ragdolls

DollsParadise Ragdolls

DiamondDolls Ragdolls

I look forward to seeing those of you that will be there and to those of you that can not make it this year, we love you and appreciate your gift (and we will try to take some pictures).